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The talks will take place in the Conference room (salle de conférence) and the coffee and poster viewing will be in the Gervais de Lafond room

Preliminary Programme:

Tuesday 22nd May 2018

09:15-10:00  Registration (entrance hall)

XMM-Newton and catalogues    Chairperson : Francisco Carrera
10:00-10:15   Welcome to the meeting and introduction to the XMM-SSC  (Natalie Webb)  Presentation
10:20-10:45   XMM-Newton: Status and Perspectives   (Norbert Schartel) Presentation
10:50-11:10   DR8/4XMM (Mickael Coriat)  Presentation
11:15-11:45  Coffee and poster viewing

XMM-Newton catalogues    Chairperson : Jean Ballet
11:45-12:05  The first XMM-Newton serendipitous source catalogue from overlapping observations (Iris Traulsen)
12:10-12:35  Rubies in the XMM-Newton Slew Survey (Richard Saxton) Presentation
12:40-12:55  EXTraS - Exploring the X-ray Transient and variable Sky (Andrea De Luca)

13:00-14:15  Lunch  (Gervais de Lafond room)

Optical and UV catalogues    Chairperson : Axel Schwope
14:15-14:35  The XMM-OM and Swift UVOT source catalogues (Mat Page) Presentation
14:40-15:00  The Gaia catalogue (Anne Jean-Antoine-Piccolo)  Presentation
15:05-15:20  Active galactic nuclei as cosmological probes (Elisabeta Lusso) Presentation
15:25-15:40  On the relationship between X-ray, MIR and bolometric luminosities of broad line QSOs (Francisco Carrera) Presentation
15:45-16:00  Searching for the seeds of supermassive black holes (Filippos Koliopanos)  Presentation

16:05-16:30 Coffee and poster viewing

Chandra catalogue      Chairperson : Mike Watson
16:30-16:55  Doing science with the Chandra Source Catalog 2.0      (Francesca Civano)   Presentation
17:00-17:15  HECATE: galaxies and hosted ultraluminous X-ray source populations in the Local Universe ( Konstantinos Kovlakas)  Presentation
17:20-17:35  The exceptional X-ray evolution of SN 1996cr in High Resolution (Jonathan Quirola) Presentation
17:40-17:55  Searching for the Hidden Population of Bulge Millisecond Pulsars (Christopher Britt)
Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Hard X-ray catalogues  Chairperson : Filippos Koliopanos
09:15-09:40  A sensitive hard X-ray census of the AGN population with NuSTAR (George Lansbury)  Presentation
09:45-10:10  The view from (just) above XMM-Newton (Tony Bird)  Presentation
10:15-10:40  The SXPS catalogues: serendipity and transients (Phil Evans) Presentation

10:45-11:15  Coffee and poster viewing

Gamma-ray catalogues    Chairperson : Olivier Godet
11:15-11:35  Fermi gamma-ray sources and X-ray catalogues  (Jean Ballet)
11:40-11:55  The Fermi LAT mission at the SSDC: interactive resources and science data exploitation ( Stefano Ciprini, given by Francesco Verrecchia) Presentation
12:00-12:15  A systematic survey of unidentified Fermi-LAT sources from the 3FGL catalog (Manuel Linares)  Presentation
12:20-12:35  The TeGeV catalogue of very high energy sources hosted at the SSDC (Fabrizio Lucarelli)  Presentation
12:35-12:50  Exploring the AGILE gamma-ray legacy archive with the easy AGILE-LV3 web tool (Carlotta Pittori, given by Fabrizio Lucarelli) Presentation
12:55-13:10  Overview of the AGILE high-energy catalogs (Francesco Verrecchia)  Presentation

13:15-14:30  Lunch  (CNRS canteen)

Cross correlation and machine learning   Chairperson : Mat Page
14:30-14:55  From pitfalls to promise: present and future of high energy catalogue cross-correlations (Beatriz Mingo)  Presentation
15:00-15:25  Searching for Rare Important XMM-Newton Serendipitous Sources (Dacheng Lin)
15:30-15:55  Counterparts to X-ray sources in the all-sky surveys era (Mara Salvato)  Presentation

16:00-16:30  Coffee and poster viewing

Automated classification    Chairperson : Richard Saxton
16:30-16:55  Cross-correlation and automated classification: methods and tools (François-Xavier Pineau)  Presentation
17:00-17:15  Unsupervised classification of stellar spectra using clustering algorithms (Alexy Decroocq)           
17:20-17:35  The largest X-ray survey: Deriving photometric redshifts for the XMM-Newton 3XMM catalogue (Ioannis Georgantopoulos) Presentation

What to improve in future catalogues   Chairperson : Natalie Webb   

17:40-18:15 Discussion session (all)

20:00   Dinner (Les caves de la Maréchale)

Thursday 24th May 2018

Populations of sources  Chairperson : Nicolas Clerc

09:30-09:45 The XMM CLuster Archive Super Survey: a cosmologically useful, X-Ray selected sample of galaxy clusters (Lorenzo Faccioli) Presentation
09:50-10:05  X-ray selected AGNs behind the SMC  (Chandrayee Maitra)  Presentation
10:10-10:25  X-ray Selected AGN and Quasars: Selection and classification in the Dark Energy Survey (DES)  (Estelle Pons)  Presentation
10:30-10:45  Correlation between X-ray emission and stellar populations: the definitive study of nearby galaxies observed with XMM-Newton ( Konstantina Anastasopoulou)
10:50-11:05  The 365 cluster catalogue of the XXL survey (Elias Koulouridis) Presentation

11:10-11:40  Coffee and poster viewing

Populations of sources  Chairperson : Norbert Schartel

11:40-11:55  Rare AGN populations found in high-energy and multiwavelength catalogues (Yuichi Terashima)  Presentation
12:00-12:15  Physical conditions in high-z C III absorbers: Implication on UV background  (Abhisek Mohapatra)
12:20-12:35  Hunting the UNSeEN (Ultraluminous Neutron Star Extragalactic populatioN) (Guillermo Rodriguez)

12:40-13:50  Lunch  (CNRS canteen)

Future missions and catalogues     Chairperson : Sébastien Guillot      
13:50-14:15  eROSITA on SRG: an overview  (Andrea Merloni) Presentation
14:20-14:35  Catalogue of galaxy clusters in the era of large X-ray surveys: an illustration with SPIDERS (Nicolas Clerc) Presentation
14:40-15:00  Observing HE sources with the SVOM mission (Jean-Luc Atteia/Olivier Godet)  Presentation
15:05-15:25  The Cherenkov Telescope Array  (Jurgen Knodlseder)   Presentation
15:30-15:45  A Catalog Pipeline for Sources in the CTA Galactic Plane Survey (Josh Cardenanza)  Presentation
15:50-16:10  Athena (Didier Barret)  Presentation
16:20-16:30  Workshop summary    Presentation


Posters  (A0, portrait format)


X-ray Early Type Galaxy Atlas (Kim Dong Woo)

Does my source emit X-rays ? (Richard Saxton) Poster

Time-domain analysis of blazar OJ 287 and the binary supermassive black hole conjecture (Stefano Ciprini) Poster

Easy on-line gamma-ray analysis: legacy archives and the prototypal AGILE-LV3 web tool (Carlotta Pittori)

Searching for fast transients in XMM-Newton data (Inés Pastor Marazuela)  Poster

Searching and visualizing XMM-Newton catalogues via XSA and ESAsky  (Nora Loiseau) Poster

XID6592: An Odd X-ray Binary in the Galactic Center (Amy Gottlieb)

Searching for neutron stars by cross correlation of X-ray and Optical catalogs (Maud Thepenier) Poster

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