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The workshop dinner will take place on Wednesday 23rd May at 20:00 at Les Caves de la Maréchale, 3 rue Jules Chalande, 31000 Toulouse, very close to the centre of town and 600m from the Jean Jaurès metro station. The cost of the dinner, which will include typical food and wine from the Toulouse area, will be 36€, to be paid at the restaurant. The menu is below. A second menu will be available for those who indicate that they are vegetarian on the registration form. This will be added here soon.


House cocktail with nibbles



Quercy Salad composed of mixed salad leaves, foie gras, confit gizzards,  dried duck breast and croutons


Main course

Filet of duck, puréed corn, broad bean salad, sorrel, curried popcorn and gravy



Itakuja chocolate with banana roasted in passion butter, caramel sponge cake, crispy peanuts and passion fruit sorbet





Gaillac Vigné-Laurac

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