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In each session there will be invited overview talks, sollicited talks as well as contributed talks focussing on a variety of subject areas including stars, compact objects, galaxies and clusters. The talks will be held in the main conference room at IRAP (Salle de conférence), across the hall from the main entrance on the Roche site.


Tuesday 22nd May, Start ~10:00

Overview of XMM-Newton catalogues (3XMM-DR8, 4XMM, The stacked catalogue, The slew catalogue, SUSS3)

Synergies with other catalogues


Wednesday 23rd May

Overview of the Chandra, NuSTAR, INTEGRAL, Swift and Fermi catalogues
Cross-correlation and machine learning techniques

Evening : workshop dinner


Thursday 24th May

Sub-samples of catalogues (AGN, bright sources, extended sources, LMC sources, etc)

Future missions and catalogues (eRosita, SVOM, CTA, Athena, etc)


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