Doing science with the Chandra Source Catalog 2.0
Francesca Civano  1@  
1 : Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysic

The Chandra X-ray Observatory has obtained more than 15,000 targeted imaging observations since launch, all of which include an excellent reservoir of unexplored information. The Chandra Source Catalog release 2.0 (CSC 2.0) is now including all the observations prior to end of 2014, performing detection and extracting source properties, making them available in an easy format, ready for scientific discoveries. 

The ~317,000 X-ray sources in CSC 2.0 allow scientists to perform statistical studies by making use of the extensive set of uniformly calibrated properties (more than 100 per source) in multiple energy bands and across a broad range of source fluxes.

The large area covered (~600 deg2) by CSC 2.0 samples widely different astrophysical environments, providing both large samples of extragalactic sources at cosmological distances and hot and cool stars in our own galaxy. The large area is also ideal for discovering rare new X-ray sources.

On behalf of the CSC team, I will present the new catalog release, giving an overview to the data processing, the source properties and the products available, the CSCView user interface that allows to search, browse and download the products, and the new limiting sensitivity tool. I will also present possible catalog studies as well as matches with other multiwavelength catalogs in the literature.

This work has been supported by NASA under contract NAS 8-03060 to the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory for operation of the Chandra X-ray Center.


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