The AGILE gamma-ray legacy archive and the easy AGILE-LV3 web tool
Fabrizio Lucarelli  1@  , Carlotta Pittori  1  , Francesco Verrecchia  1  

The gamma-ray satellite AGILE is dedicated to the observation of astrophysical sources of photons with energy E > 100 MeV. The satellite launched in April 2007 has completed its tenth year of operations, and continues its mission with high efficiency. Do you have a favourite source or region in the sky and are you curious to know what is the AGILE gamma-ray satellite view of it during more than 10 years of observations? In this talk we introduce the web interface for official interactive on-line analysis
on AGILE data. The AGILE-LV3 web tool does not require any locally installed software or calibrations, and it has been tested also with students.

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