The TeGeV Catalogue @ SSDC and the MWL approach
Fabrizio Lucarelli  1@  

The increasing number of Very High Energy (VHE) sources discovered by the current generation of ground-based Cherenkov telescopes made particularly relevant the creation of a dedicated source catalogue as well as its cross-correlation with lower energy band data in a multi-wavelength framework. The “TeGeV Catalogue” hosted at the ASI Space Science Data Center (SSDC) is a catalogue of VHE sources observed by ground-based (air and water) Cherenkov telescopes. The TeGeVCat collects all the relevant information publicly available about the observed GeV/TeV sources, and integrate them in the MWL SSDC framework. When available, the VHE source spectral data are accessible within the SSDC SEDBuilder tool, directly accessible from the TeGeV catalogue web page. In this contribution, we will present a comprehensive description of the catalogue and the related SSDC tools. The TeGeVCat can be assumed as a template for a future CTA source catalogue integrated in a full MWL environment. In the near future, the SSDC will host as well the public science data products (spectra, light curves, ...) from the MAGIC experiment.

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