The Fermi LAT mission at the SSDC: AGN catalogs and interactive data exploitation
Stefano Ciprini  1, 2@  
1 : Space Science Data Center - ASI, Rome
2 : INFN Section of Perugia

The Space Science Data Center (SSDC) of the Italian Space Agency (ASI) is a multi-mission, multi-disciplinary data center, providing support for science data processing, archiving, distribution, quick-look analysis tools to several space missions dedicated to the observation of the Universe, at X-ray and gamma-ray energy bands in particular. SSDC scientists perform also science analysis and exploitation of the large amount of archived data in a multi-frequency and multi-messenger frame.
The SSDC Team of the Fermi LAT mission is contributing by maintaining a mirror archive of the Fermi LAT high level data products, (I) participating in the development of interactive analysis tools, (II) validation and scientific data analysis, (III) construction of interactive gamma-ray source catalogs and lists and (IV) periodic responsibilities and duties in the international LAT collaboration.
The LAT data archive and some tools at SSDC, like the Fermi Online Data Analysis and the interactive source lists, are presented along with a short review of a LAT instrument daily service, such as the Flare Advocate (FA-GSW) duty. Some properties of the last general Fermi LAT AGN/blazar catalog published, the 3LAC, are also reported because of the important contribution in the catalog construction of the Fermi team at the SSDC.

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