Searching and visualizing XMM-Newton catalogues via XSA and ESAsky
Nora Loiseau  1@  , Deborah Baines  2  , Elena Colomo  2  , Fabrizio Giordano  2  , Bruno Merin  2  , Elena Racero  2  , Pedro Rodriguez  1  , Jesús Salgado  2  , María Sarmiento  2  
1 : XMM-Newton SOC, ESAC/ESA
2 : ESAC Science Data Centre

The XMM-Newton Science Archive (XSA) provides flexible functionalities to search and download XMM-Newton data but also to search and download the 3XMM, Stacked, Optical Monitor and Slew Sources Catalogues. XSA links the catalogues sources to the original data, which can be directly viewed or downloaded together with their associated info, like pipeline products, possible RGS spectra, publications using the observation, etc. There are also a number of direct access possibilities of performing command line downloads or queries to the XSA database metadata via the Table Access Protocol (TAP), useful for larger samples of objects. The XSA interface also provides a link of each source to ESASky, which allows a visualization of the emission distribution and catalogues available in other wavelengths, obtained by other spacecrafts, like Chandra, Suzaku, HST, Herschel, etc, or by radio and optical ground-based telescopes.

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