The XXL survey: an overview of the cluster catalogue
Elias Koulouridis  1@  , Lorenzo Faccioli  1  , Marguerite Pierre  1  
1 : DAp/CEA/Saclay
Département d'Astrophysique, CEA, Saclay

The XXL Survey has been specifically designed to provide a well characterised sample of some 500 X-ray detected clusters suitable for cosmological studies. We will describe the properties of the cluster catalogue in its present state, as well as of associated catalogues of more specific objects such as super-clusters and fossil groups. This release contains the complete subset of clusters for which the selection function is well determined plus all X-ray clusters which are, to date, spectroscopically confirmed. This catalogue provides a unique inventory of medium-mass clusters over a 50 sq. deg. from from z~0 to z~1.2, with one cluster at z~2.

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