X-ray selected AGN: Selection and classification in the Dark Energy Survey
Estelle Pons  1@  
1 : Institute of Astronomy [Cambridge]

X-rays are probably the most efficient method to detect AGN and quasars but deep X-rays surveys cover only a small fraction of the sky. In the optical, the u-band is the primary waveband used to identify quasars based on their UV excess. However the latest large scale optical surveys, such as the Dark Energy Survey (DES) or Pan-STARRS, lack the u-band and hence other selection methods are required.

I will describe some results and the challenges of selecting quasars in the absence of X-ray data or u-band photometry. I will present a quasar selection method for future spectroscopic surveys, like the 4MOST extragalactic galaxy and quasar surveys using colour and morphological measurements from existing wide field imaging surveys in the Southern Hemisphere (XMM-Newton, DES and WISE).

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