The XMM-OM and Swift UVOT source catalogues
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1 : Mullard Space Science Laboratory

I will describe the serendipitous source catalogues derived from observations with the XMM-Newton UV/Optical Monitor (XMM-OM) and Swift Ultraviolet and Optical Telescope (UVOT). The two telescopes have fields of view of 0.1 square degrees and image in three ultraviolet and three optical bands. As a result of the long operational lifetimes of XMM-Newton and Swift (18 and 13 years so far, respectively), a large archive of observations has been accumulated, and the corresponding source catalogues contain millions of UV sources. I will describe briefly the processing algorithms and present the characteristics of the two catalogues. I will describe the recent developments in expanding the dynamic range of the catalogues and improvements which are planned for future data releases.

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